A castaway Island with a difference

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Every island in the Caribbean is idyllic, this fact is a given, but
some are more varied and vibrant than others, and where to go is
completely dependent on what you want to see and do.
If you want vibrant night-life, a chilled-out vibe, beautiful scenery,
history, and a spot of luxury to boot, you should always be
looking at a break in beautiful Barbados.
Surrounded by brilliant blue ocean, Barbados is a treat for all the
senses, and to coin a phrase, it ticks a box for everyone too.
Beach life, night-life, shopping, fine dining, sightseeing, history,
architecture – Barbados really does have it all.
Nicknamed the Platinum Coast, the west coast has miles and
miles of unspoilt coastline, with beaches straight out of a dream –
think powder white sand and dazzling sea, perfect for a day’s
R&R. This part of the island is where you will find popular St
James, and it has a castaway kind of feel, but with all the
comforts of home too – a fantastic blend for visitors.
The west coast is where you will find the luxury Barbados
holidays too, with spas ready to offer treatments to rid you of any
care you may have, boutique shopping for some serious retail
therapy, and fine dining to delight your taste buds, all with a
stunning backdrop to treat your eyes.
Heading to the south coast is where you will find the most
popular nightlife on the island, and St Lawrence is certainly where
it’s at. Whatever you’re looking for, you will find it here, with
friendly locals all too happy to show you how to laugh and smile
without a care – I dare you to spend your time in Barbados
without a smile on your face!
Visiting an island also gives you the freedom to explore, because
the distances aren’t that great, with transport links between major
resorts and towns. Bridgetown is certainly worth a visit, the
island’s capital, and for anyone into history, this is the place to
go. Here, you will see nods towards former British rule, all mixed
together with an infectious Caribbean glow.
There’s no denying that the one thing that brings people back to
Barbados time and time again is probably the weather. Come on,
who doesn’t love constant blue skies and hot, hot sun? The great
news is that weather is generally constant throughout the year,
without major variations, except during hurricane season when
there may be the odd spot of rain. Temperatures are on an even
level in the high 20s most of the year, offering a spot of sanctuary
against harsh winter weather back home.
Rum, history, calypso, parties, spas, nature, rest and relaxation –
Barbados really does have it all, with a true sunny Caribbean vibe.
A Castaway Island with a Difference
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