See what this woman did to herself just to get bigger butt

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27 year old Brazilian beauty Andressa Urach spent a month in
intensive care after cosmetic gels rotted her muscles after she
got surgery to enhance her butt. The model, who was 2nd
runner Miss Bum Bum Brazil in 2012, said she feared she would
lose her leg after the gel inserted into each of her upper thighs
‘rotted’ her muscles. Her wounds then got infected, causing
septic shock.
She reportedly had injections of two filers, hydrogel and PMMA,
to make her butt larger but a few months after the cosmetics
surgery, she knew something was wrong as she became
uncomfortable. The gel had to be drained from her butt. “The
hydrogel was not absorbed by my body and started to harm
me.” she told Brazil’s R7 website…
The model recently released photos taken during her month in
intensive care. See the graphic pics below

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